The Baileys story began in Dublin, 1974. David Dand, now known as the Godfather of Baileys, had a vision for something new, something unapologetically luxurious. Inspired by the sense of change in the air, he dreamt of creating an innovative and utterly indulgent liqueur.

Alongside a passionate team of technical experts, David Gluckman, Tom Jago, Steve Wilson and MacMcPherson, David began his mission to create the Baileys recipe: an unashamedly delicious blend of two of Ireland’s most delicious ingredients – rich dairy cream and the finest whiskey.

In the tradition of the inventive Irish spirit, the very first version of the Baileys recipe was created with an ordinary kitchen mixer. It was utterly delicious (of course). However, a winning recipe didn’t exactly come easily. Getting cream and whiskey to successfully combine in one bottle without separating is a tricky business but David and his team resolved never to give up.

Three years of trials, experimentation and a stroke of genius later, they had a breakthrough and managed to get these two unlikely partners to blend perfectly, creating the unique liquid beloved all over the world today.

The inventive passion and playful spirit in which it was created remains at the heart of all we do. Not only is Baileys the world’s first cream liqueur, but it’s also its favourite. Over the last 40 years, we have travelled the globe, now covering over three quarters of the world and sold in over 150 countries.

You can be sure that wherever we have gone, we’ve never forgotten our roots. To this day every single bottle of Baileys Original Irish Cream is made in Ireland, where our story began


The Baileys recipe is an indulgent, one-of-a-kind blend of premium quality cream, triple-distilled whiskey and fine spirits. It’s the very best of Ireland in one bottle.

Every single drop of Baileys cream is supplied by small, local Irish family farms. Each year, 38,000 top-bred Irish dairy cows produce over 220 million litres of fresh cream specifically for the creation of Baileys. These cows, known to us as the Baileys Ladies, spend 300 days a year grazing outside in luscious green fields of Ireland, enjoying fresh Irish air and listening to playlists of their favourite music (or should that be moo-sic?). Happy cows equal delicious cream, don’t you know?

The finest cream deserves equally indulgent ingredients. We combine it with world-class aged whiskey from distilleries across Ireland and luxurious vanilla pods and rich cocoa beans to add a distinct chocolate character that’s unique to Baileys.

Taking inspiration from the process of making ice cream, our top-secret Baileys recipe guarantees each and every bottle to taste as delicious as the day it was made for two years. And that’s without any artificial preservatives too! It’s taken us years of testing, lots of technical expertise and making sure we use only the highest-quality ingredients to ensure it’s the only cream liqueur in the world with a two-year shelf life.